Sunday, 11 November 2007

Catharine and John Kelly

Catharine and John Kelly.

Here are the Special Branch documents demonstrating John Kelly and Catharine Kelly, SB records on the JtR victim otherwise known as Catharine Eddowes, and her husband John Kelly, who, as recorded in the documents available in the public domain, lived in the East End of London as 'John and Catharine Kelly' during the period the Special Branch assassinations known colloquially as the 'Jack the Ripper' murders took place.

Observe that the couple are working for Spymaster Jenkinson, Under Secretary. They are recorded in the book as members of the 'Jenkinson Spy ring'. Catharine Eddowes/Kelly is recorded as making a statement on the Fenian murder of one McDoughty; her husband, John, is receiving a file on Fenian assassination activity from Jenkinson himself.

This was standard, they are members of the hitherto undisclosed and much sought after 'Jenkinson Spy Ring'.

Catharine Eddowes, central Jack the Ripper victim, was in the process of Betraying Jenkinson and Littlechild on the night she died. She was well known to Prince Albert Victor Christian Edward, the evidence suggests. She was protecting a little boy known to SB as 'King of the Fenians', offspring of Mary Kelly, final Jack the Ripper victim, and Prince AVCE.

I like this woman, very clever girl. Unique, I think. If it wasn't for one mistake, not on her part, she'd have
done it.

Observe the Secret Service references. The documents are also full of Littlechild's, Anderson's and the others' spy activities in and around the locations of the J t R murders.

Now charge me with Official Secrets disclosure, or stop this persecution. In my opinion, legally, this information should have been made available to the public: this is
archive material.

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